Cant Stop

Wont Stop

DJ Dholi Deep began his career in 1999, starting off as a self taught local dholi.

In 2003 & 2004 he won back to back dhol champion titles in Washington D.C. & Detroit Michigan with the influences under Sid Sulhan, Manj Musik, Mitch Hayre & Many More.

In 2001 he began his dj career as well as being a dholi and released many Remix Mixtapes & DJ Mixsets. 

1. Dance Radio Asia Vols. 1,2,3,4,5
2. Absolut Bhangra Vols. 1,2,3
3. North American Bhangra Connection
4. Shutup & Bounce 2009 Remix Album 
5. Reason To Party - October 2010 DJ Mixset
6. Reason To Party - Valentine's DJ Mixset
7. Reason To Party - Summer 2k11 DJ Mixset
8. Reason To Party - Fall Edition Mixtape 2011 DJ Mixset
9. Reason To Party - Xmas 2k11 DJ Mixset
10. Reason To Party - Summer 2k12 DJ Mixset
11.  Reason To Party - NYE 2k13 DJ Mixset
12. Reason To Party - Summer 2k13 DJ Mixset
13. Reason To Party - Summer 2k14 DJ Mixset
14. Bollywood DJ Mixset 2015
15. Mainstream DJ Mixset 2015

16. January 2016 DJ Mixset 

17. Bollywood Workout Mixset 2016 (Recently Released)

He has performed with likes of: RDB, Akshay Kumar, Balwinder Safri, B21, Rockstars 2006 Concert, Bobby Moon, Raghav, Juggy D, Veronica, 2010-2011 World Tour With Manj Musik & Nindy Kaur, 2011 IIFA Awards, 2015 Fusion Concert With Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra's Family Wedding and many more!!

DJ Dholi Deep took over as a full time DJ, performing at many different Private Events, Club Events, Concerts, Melas and has produced over 30+ high energy remixes, including his first ever remix in a recent Bollywood film "Singh Is Bling". He currently is also the official North America Tour DJ For Manj Musik & Nindy Kaur!


To Book DJ Dholi Deep - Call 713.449.6481 or email

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